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Orthodoxy and Church Tours

The Assumption of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Metropolis Cathedral of Denver Welcomes You To Visit Our Beautiful Church Festival Tours Every Other Hour

Take a look inside the dome.

A Church visit is visually memorable because of the vibrant colors and distinctive style of art in our Holy Icons. The festival tour will explain the meaning of this colorful iconography in the Orthodox Church that brings the Bible to life and their arrangement in the dome.


Why was this Church built as a dome?

Orthodox architecture is purposeful. The architectural structure of this Orthodox Church will be discussed including the narthex, nave and sanctuary. During this discussion the purpose of large marble pillars with mosaic icons in front will be described.


Who is the Theotokos?

This Orthodox Church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary and its icon will be described as well as the meaning of the large “Platytera” icon of the Virgin Mary created with countless mosaic tiles in the front of the Church.


What is in a name?

The terms such as “Greek” and “Eastern Orthodoxy” will be defined. The tour guide will go on to explain a little about the history of the Greek Orthodox Church that dates back to the Apostles of Christ and flourished during the Byzantine Empire.


Using the five senses.

Orthodox individuals participate in worship by using all of their senses. The tour will discuss some aspects of our worship services including the Divine Liturgy celebrated on Sunday mornings.


It is Greek to me.

Individual questions will be taken after the formal tour. Interested in learning more? Call the Church office about free classes at (303) 388-9314 or visit our bookstore located in the Community Center.